TICAL2017 Authors

Alvarez Paula

Paula Mercedes Alvarez Carrión

Presentation: Distribution of Electronic Bibliographic Material to students of the Open and Distance Education Modality of the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja

Bio: Computer Science engineer, studying a Master's Degree in Project Management. Leader of IT Operations and Technical Support at the Information Technology Management Unit. Experience in the management and implementation of Software Development projects. University lecturer at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja.

Apat, Javier

Javier Apat

Presentation: Mobile applications for students through Design Thinking and SCRUM

Bio: With more than 8 years of experience in the education industry, Javier Apat is currently the IT Director of ITBA. He joined the organization in mid-2015 with the aim of carrying out the digital transformation of the university. Prior to joining ITBA, Javier worked as a Service Leader at Pragma Consultores, working with important clients in the country and the region.

Blacio, Ricardo

Ricardo Blacio

Presentation: MOOCs UTPL: Gamified Learning Management Platform

Bio: Expert in design, implementation and management of eLearning projects by the Polytechnic University of Furtwangen; Master in Management of Training by the University of Seville-Spain. Directorate of Educational Materials and Resources. Lecturer-Researcher of the UTPL.


Blanco Sergio

Sergio Daniel Blanco
Costa Rica

Presentation: Digital Signature in Costa Rica. Case of Success at the University of Costa Rica

Bio: Sergio Daniel Blanco Zeledón works since 2004 in the Center of Informatics (CI) of the University of Costa Rica. He is currently in the Research and Development area of ​​CI for the development of IT solutions for UCR. Currently follows up on the development of digital signature in the UCR. 

Bucceri, Gabriela

Gabriela Bucceri

Presentation: Simplifying access to the platforms at the University of Buenos Aires - Integration of Virtual Campus with Academic Management System

Bio: Director of projects of Academic Systems, Educational Technology, Research and Multimedia Sites at the University of Buenos Aires. Bucceri worked in universities in the public and private spheres. She has a degree in Information Systems and in Business Administration from the UBA, a university where she is also a teacher of the degree of Information Systems Methodology.


Guillermo Calleja

Presentation: Deployment of a Distributed Storage System (Ceph) in the University Data Center. The case of the National University of Cuyo

delsent soares, daniel

Daniel Del Sent Soares

Presentation: The evolution of methodology and the process of software development at the CPD of UFRGS

Bio: Del Sent is a 29 years old systems analyst at the Data Processing Center of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, where he works since he was 19. Graduated in Computer Science and specialized in Software Engineering.

 Dunayevich, Julian

Julián Dunayevich

Presentation: The development of RANA (Anycast Network of NIC Argentina): a case of success in multi-stakeholder collaboration for critical infrastructure projects

Bio: National Director of NIC Argentina, Dunayevich was executive director of InnovaRed.


González, Cristina

Cristina González Cambralla

Presentation: Strategy of migration of a Legacy System using the "Chicken Little" Methodology applied to the System of Bedelías of the University of the Republic of Uruguay

Bio: Engineer and Master in Computing, graduated by the University of the Republic (UdelaR) - Uruguay. Director of Department at the Division of Systems in Production of the Central Computer Service of the UdelaR, since 2014 working on the project of the Administrative Management System of Education.

 Jaramillo, Daniel

Daniel Jaramillo

Presentation: Follow-up strategy to student learning activities in mass and private online courses (MPOC) with academic recognition at the University of Cauca

Bio: University of Cauca, Department of Telematics, Popayán, Colombia.


Daniel López

Presentation: Software Architecture based on Microservices for Web Application Development

Bio: National Assembly of Ecuador, General Coordination of Information and Communication Technologies.


Lozoya Jorge

Jorge Lozoya Arandia

Presentation: Strengthening the backbone of telecommunications of the University of Guadalajara through the implementation of connectivity nodes

Bio: Coordinator of Operation of Services of the General Coordination of Information Technologies, University of Guadalajara.

Paulo Mauricio Junior

Paulo Maurício Júnior

Presentation: Evolution of the RNP Monitoring Service

Bio: Paulo Junior is the Coordinator of IT at the National Network of Teaching and Research (RNP) since 2013. Graduated in Information Systems by the Universidade Estácio de Sá, Brazil - UNESA (2004) with an MBA in Project Management by the same UNESA, Brazil (2017). Certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with 18 years of experience in IT Infrastructure.

Mellos Carlos

Lucas Mellos Carlos

Presentation: Strategies of Technology Integration in Teaching: A Solution Based on Mobile Remote Experimentation

Bio: Student of Information and Communication Technologies at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, collaborator in the Working Group on Remote Experimentation (GT-MRE) by the National Network of Teaching and Research (RNP), grant holder of the National Research and Development Council (CNPq). Mellos is currently developing research related to remote laboratories in education at the Remote Experimentation Laboratory (RExLab).

Neyra, Lisette

Lisette Neyra

Presentation: Management of Requirements through the Software Factory Model applying Agile Methodologies

Bio: Systems Engineer, Master in Computational Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Technical Manager of Technology Projects and Quality Analyst in the Information Technology Management Unit, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja.

Orozco, Felipe

Felipe de Jesús Orozco Luna

Presentation: Application of Data Analysis for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Educational Programs

Bio: General Coordination of Information Technologies, University of Guadalajara.



Restrepo, Deiner

Deiner Restrepo Duran

Presentation: Didactic games based on augmented reality as a support for the teaching of biology

Bio: GISICO Research Group, Cesar Popular University, Faculty of Engineering and Technology.



Darío Ríos Navarro
Costa Rica

Presentation: Development of a framework for the development of web applications at the National University of Costa Rica

Bio: Computer Science, National University (2003); Business Administration at the same university. Continued, National University (2011). Master in Project Management at the University for International Cooperation (UCI). Navarro works for the National University in the Department of Informatics, and is a professor at the National University and at UNED.


Sarakarina Solano Galindo

Presentation: ARprende: A platform for augmented reality in Higher Education

Bio: Chemical engineer; Master of Arts in Education with specialization in Online Education; Doctorate in Sciences, with mention in management. Member of the Virtual Education Project team at the University of the Atlantic and principal researcher of the Enl@ce Research Group. Teacher of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy.


María José Torres Maldonado

Presentation: Identity Management and Federated Access Platform for the University of Cuenca - Ecuador

Bio: ICT Directorate, University of Cuenca

Rojas Carmen

Carmen Rojas

Presentation: Towards a Decision Support System for Universities: Use Case of the University of Cuenca

Bio: University of Cuenca, Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies.

Valverde, Jose

José Valverde
Costa Rica

Presentation: Migration, synchronization and interoperability among several Active Directory Services: Case of success of the University of Costa Rica

Bio: Information Systems Engineer with 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Communication Management at the University of Costa Rica. He currently works in the Research and Development Area of the IT Center of the UCR in the application development project for mobile devices. It also provides support in the Computational Academic Cloud project (NAC-UCR).






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